Bathroom Tile from Carpet Town design centerCeramic Tile Offers Beauty, Strength and Versatility Like No Other Flooring Surface.

The kitchen and bath both have the potential for messes and moisture. This requires flooring that is high in function, durability, and water resistance. Tile and stone meet this challenge and bring with it handsome design choices from traditional to contemporary

Natural stone in an incredible range of colors and patterns:

Granite: This high in-demand stone is available in many varieties. It is often found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Limestone: Known for its natural earthy appearance, this stone can be perfectly smooth or have a tumbled, worn look. Since it is very porous, it must be sealed every few years.

Marble: A porous stone found in formal spaces, due to its sophisticated and beautiful look. Because of the wide variety, you’ll find some marbles are harder than others.

Slate: A rustic classic available in geometric pieces and irregular shapes. Slate is usually found in soft reds, medium grays, and dark gray.

Travertine: This is a partially metamorphosed, crystallized limestone and is often mistaken for marble.

Accent Tiles

Another way to customize your stone or tile project is to add listellos as a beautiful accent. They come in many combinations including glass, stone, and metals and are often combined to make beautiful patterns.

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