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Area Rug Showroom at Carpet TownDecorating the “Fifth Wall” in your Home

Adding an area rug to your home doesn’t only protect your floors in high-traffic areas and prevent your furniture from moving, but it can also instantly update the décor of your living area.

At Carpet Town, we have our Artistry Collection of over 200 in stock rugs to choose from and take home that day. We have many styles, sizes, materials and weaves so that you can find the perfect rug of your dreams.

A quick overview of the styles of rugs that we carry:

Carpet Town area rug showroom in West Allis, WICasual-style area rugs: Have either a basic pattern or no pattern at all, and can be made of natural materials like wool.

Contemporary-style rugs: Usually feature geometric designs which include waves, chevrons, squiggles, stripes or circles. They often have bright and trendy colors.

Transitional–style rugs: A combination of contemporary and traditional rug styles. Great in classic, contemporary styled homes.

Country-style area rugs: Can have a floral and garden pattern, with vines and flowers, in both bold and muted colors. Farm animals and scenic country life are often reflected in them. Don’t rule out the presence of fruit, vegetables, and roosters, which are great for dinettes and dining rooms!

Traditional-style rugs: Easy to identify, these rugs include Persian influences, vines, flowers and scrollwork. Many have borders, and even inner borders and the main body of the rug often has intricate designs.

Novelty-style area rugs: May include animal prints and specialty themes. Shaped rugs (cars, stars etc.) are often used in children’s rooms, and others can be used in recreational rooms.

Outdoor rugs: Come in any of the above styles, yet they also have the ability to be outdoors and withstand the elements, while being resistant to mold and mildew.

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